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Long Overalls for Men / Coverall Jumpsuit with Belt / Blue

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This is a fashion statement we were working on for years. Our elegant and cozy boiler suit for men with the perfect silhouette is finally here! 3/4 sleeves with raw cuff line are nice and easy during summer, and will also fit people with long arms. Full length trousers, narrow at the bottom, create a casual feeling to the piece. This amazing romper is made of 100% natural cotton twill fabric, which is strong and breathable, so you can easily wear it without any underwear. It combines nicely with boots or just flip flops to feel just right even in the heat. This model comes in light blue color and can be shaped by light gray linen belt. Just throw this one on – and you are dressed for the whole summer!

Comes together with gray linen belt.

We create this jumpsuit in light grey, black, raspberry pink, blue, dark green.

Cotton Twill – is a natural strong eco friendly material. 100% natural and super durable, it does not wrinkle or stretch. It is same type as denim, only a bit lighter and softer - perfect for men's pants or jackets. Twill has a natural capasity to not show dirt and is very easy to clean in the washing machine. Sometimes it is used to make work clothes. So it will last for years! It is a perfect substitute for leather or synthetic alternatives. We are using for this clothing line 100% cotton made on small factories in Indonesia. Yes, we are aiming to be as conscious of preserving Nature resources, as possible.

S:  Waist 30" / 76 cm     | Chest 39" / 99 cm
M:  Waist 33" / 84 cm    | Chest 40.5" / 103 cm
L:   Waist 35.5" / 90 cm | Chest 42" / 106 cm
XL: Waist 39" / 100 cm  | Chest 43" / 110 cm

All Chintamani Items are made in small home factories in India and Indonesia. We care about every piece quality and intention to make some special and filled with conscience and vibe of authenticity.

▲ CARE: ▼
Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle, using ecological laundry products.
Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.
Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!


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