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Shipping Details

▸ Please, allow 3-10 days for processing and 5-10 business days for the delivery. We're shipping via DHL Express worldwide.
▸ We are not responsible for the quality of post company work. We only can be responsible for the quality of our products.
▸ Customs duties and extra taxes may be applied to your orders. We are not responsible for your country customs rules. If there are any special requirements about papers to attach to your order - please let us know. We will care about.
In most countries like US, UK, EU, Australia, Norway etc. you will have to pay taxes & fees during delivery process.


Returns and exchange details

▸ If you are not happy with the size of item you've bought, you can return it.
You may return unused item you've purchased for a refund or exchange during the period stated in our shop policy.
▸ In a case of returning an item we will refund your money back without the initial shipping costs, when we will get back the item in a new condition. If you return an item, you should pay shipping it back to us.
▸ In case of exchange the buyer is responsible for additional shipping costs occurred as well.

Currency and exchange rate

Please be aware that all prices on our website are listed in US Dollars (USD) not Australian (AUD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD). We want to ensure transparency and avoid any confusion regarding currency. During payment you card will be charged in you bank country currency by you bank exchange rate.


Sizing details and custom orders

▸ Please check the sizing chart in product details or the last picture.
In most cases we offer S to L sizes but also can make a plus size (XL) piece.
If you are not sure about sizing you always welcome to contact us first. It would be pleasure to help you.
▸ We don’t accept custom orders, but in some cases we can add length or make a garment or sleeves shorter. Please contact us for details.


Care instructions

▸ We are washing fabrics twice during the production process so that our customers will get pieces that will not change after home wash.
▸ Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle, using environmentally friendly laundry products.
▸ Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.



Each item is personally checked and packaged carefully so it will arrive in perfect condition. We use eco-friendly recycled cloth bags that can be used as shoppers afterwards.


About Off-white color

Off white color we use in our products is a complicated natural shade, slightly yellowish or greyish. This color is created by gently bleaching the natural fabric, without completely eradicating its natural tint. We believe off white shade gives a very organic, raw feel to our clothes. Mind, that this color may look very shiny white in bright sunlight, and then appear as almost yellow in warm electric light. It can be confusing, especially when you look at some of our artistic photoshoots. But that is also a part of its amazing alchemical transformation. Also mind, that if you wash our off-white garment, using regular washing powder (that usually contains certain amount of bleach), after a year or so it will become more clearly simple white.


Production time

▸ Usually it takes 3-10 days to complete and ship an order. But it may take longer time if we are very busy. If your order is time sensitive, please contact us in advance.
▸ Our production is "on demand" – we make most items personally for the order. This is to avoid overproduction, wastage and unnecessary damage to environment. Please note, that on demand cycle takes more time, than delivering mass produced items from big warehouses. Good things are worth waiting for!
If completing your order takes longer time we’ll let you know.


Wholesale availability

▸ Wholesale is available for all items in our collection. If you are interested in our products, feel free to get in touch -


 Discounts/Sales policy

1. Discounts (10%, 15% etc.) apply to original prices of the items.
2. Discounts do not sum up.
3. If you have 3 and more items in the cart discounts that give maximum saving in money will be applied.



▸ Please note that items color may look different a bit on your screen depending on settings and technical characteristics.
▸ We are dying fabric by hand so the color can vary a bit from piece to piece. We try to be consistent in colors, but sometimes it may vary slightly due to the weather conditions when dying etc.
▸ We are not using Burning man trademark or symbols in our garments or accessories. All Burning man mentions and references are for inspirational purpose only. Because some of our pieces are really perfect for Burning Man.
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