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Silk Maxi Dress with Open Back / Black

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Graceful open back maxi silk dress from our limited collection comes in luxurious, divinely soft natural silk. Its sophisticated silhouette shows off your back in a quite sensual way. Although, don't worry - specially designed lacing with an amazing brass big feather pendant will keep the dress from sliding from your shoulders unexpectedly. As some of Chintamani Alchemistry asymmetrical long dresses, it has our signature accent - a floaty cascading tail, that looks especially stunning, while you walk. A very convenient detail - the bosom of the dress is double layered, so you can wear it without any bra, for that very special sensation of soft caress and freedom of natural silk! Made from a very high quality exquisite fabrics, the piece was designed for special occasions, but, in fact, this amazing creation feels so good, you will want to wear it every day!

100% glowing perfect quality handily dyed silk.

This is our capsule special collection made of 100% silk of the best quality. We handily dye silk and we are making this collection on Bali in a workshop of French Fashion Week tailor

▲ CARE: ▼
Careful hand wash in cold water.
Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!


Polina Chintamani