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Flared Low Fitting Denim Pants for Women / Distressed Ripped Boho Jeans / White

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Flare Distressed Jeans are a special treat from Chintamani Alchemistry to all jeans lovers. Specially designed to fit perfectly, their classic low on hips, but tight silhouette looks so good on lean and slim figure, but can complement large framed body as well. It took us some time to create a model that will not only appear amazing, but also feel just right, as your favorite jeans should be. In fact, the result is so comfortable, you will want to wear it all the time! Soft, but strong and durable fabric is carefully bleached, ripped and stonewashed, to create unique designer boho chic piece. With a crop top they will become playful Flower child bell-bottoms, but complimented with our exquisite linen wrap tops or raw cotton cardigans these jeans will look artistic casual. They come with some extra length, so that you can wear them with hills and they will fit even a very tall stature. But since the jeans bottom line is open, you can cut them up to your own taste (even turn them to shorts, if you like). Once washed in the washing machine, the fringe will appear again, and they will look their magnificent best.

▲ SIZE: ▼
Please see the size chart in last picture.
It is a low-fitting model: waist – waist of the jeans (approximately the level where the pelvic bones are).

Cotton Natural Denim – is a perfect substitute for leather or synthetic alternatives.
We are using for our products 100% cotton denim made on small factories in Indonesia. Yep, we are running to be as conscience to Nature resources as its possible in making production.

All Chintamani Items are made by small home factories in India and Indonesia. We care about every piece quality and intend to make our clothes special, reflecting authentic tribal vibes in a gentle classy way.

▲ CARE: ▼
Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or in a washing machine on a cold gentle cycle, using ecological laundry products.
Please keep in mind that hot water makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!


Polina Chintamani