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Fringe Cotton Canvas Vegan Waist Bag / Pocket Belt / Dark Gray

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Alchemy Fringed One pocket Belt Bag is a new gorgeous creation in the line of our transformational accessories. It is exactly a kind of little handy addition to your wardrobe that instantly adds up a boho chic twist to your looks and a gypsy mischief twist to your mood. This Bag unique “droplet” silhouette compliments skirts or dresses and looks more like a belt, than like a baggy fanny pack. It can be also worn as a shoulder bag or across your back. In Alchemy version we added amazing Long Linen fringes and magic new Alchemy print, based on 9 powerful symbols: Sun, Air, Moon, Purification, Alchemy, Spirit, Water, Fire and Earth. We created this artefact with respect for the main forces of nature, using only vegetarian natural materials: strong cotton canvas for the main bag, pure linen for the fringe and solid brass for huge decorative feather pendant, our own signature symbol of Lightness and Freedom. Like most our items, Alchemy One Pocket Belt unites multiple styles and cultural references. It is very boho, but city casual at the same time, so that it can be worn as a little accent with otherwise neutral outfit and as a last finishing touch for a full bohemian multilayered festival gown. Of course, this bag pairs up perfectly with all items from our new Alma Libra collection – it looks especially amazing with Open back top or dress, as they also have fluffy long linen fringe around neckline.

Cotton Canvas – is a perfect substitute for leather or synthetic alternatives.
We are using for our products 100% cotton canvas made on small factories in Indonesia. Yep, we are running to be as conscience to Nature resources as its possible in making production.

Screen Printing – we are making sacred screen prints on maximum plant base as we can.

Brass Elements – are made to order in small jewelry village on Bali. They are produced in solid brass and they are original.

Long decorative fringes are handmade from 100% natural strong and thick linen, so that they are very durable and do not entangle after washing. The fringes usually come in a mix of two colors: one is the same tint as a garment it decorates, with the addition of raw unbleached silver-grey threads. It takes many hours to create this stunning decoration which makes each and every piece from our new collection a one of a kind artefact.

All Chintamani Items are made in small home factories in Indonesia. We care about every piece quality and intention to make some special and filled with conscience and vibe of authenticity.

▲ CARE: ▼
Wash all-natural fabrics by hand or on a very gentle cold cycle, using ecological laundry products.
Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!


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