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Extra Brass Feather Pendant by Chintamani - Eagle Feather Charm

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Feather is a special talisman of Chintamani Alchemistry. It symbolizes lightness of being. Strong and confident flight. A little of native Indian wisdom and a little of hippie freedom in our hearts. It is our common decoration, our signature sign, that comes with a lot of our clothes, with our amazing cotton canvas vegan bags and boots. All the feather pendants are handmade from brass by Chintamani Alchemistry jewelry workshop on Bali. This particular small artefact is exactly the same as used for our clothes. So, in case you lost yours (which, we know, happens sometimes) – you can now order the replacement. Also this little piece can be worn by itself on a chain as ethnic bohemian jewelry, quite in style with our clothes!


▲ Size: ▼
Feather 2.4 inch / 6 cm
S shape hook 0.8 inch / 2 cm

Solid Brass

Brass Elements – are made to order in small jewelry village on Bali. They are produced in solid brass and they are original.

All Chintamani Creations:
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Polina Chintamani