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Alchemy 9 Elements Ring / 925 Silver

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In this 925 silver Alchemy ring we united 9 sacred elements of Alchemical transformation: Spirit, Sun, Air, Water, Alchemy, Earth, Fire, Moon and Purification. Thick solid oxidized silver background with uneven edges combines perfectly with engraved rustic symbols, so that the ring looks gorgeously bohemian. There is a gap on the back, making this band perfectly adjustable – you can even wear it around your dreadlocks. It is unisex and suitable both for women and men. The total weight of this treasure is 8 grams. It was created in our jewelry workshop on Bali in limited quantities. We believe this magic artefact supports the transformation of basic elements, thoughts and intentions in our life into the flow of creative energy. The inside of the ring is engraved with our Alchemical motto: “The point of creation is here and now”.
We are making our Jewelry with our master in small jewelry village on Bali.

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Weight: about 8 gr (depending on size)
Available in unisex small & large sizes: 7-9
Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!


Polina Chintamani