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Welcome to our Catalogue or unique hand made wearable artefacts collection.

Chintamani is an alchemist stone, crystal which makes the most incredible and only pure spiritual dreams come true. Reality of Satia Yuga.

Chintamani Alchemistry started as a small artisan project in 1998 Goa. From 2017 Chintamani Alchemistry is a registered Trade Mark. Now we are wholesaling to more then 10 countries and have few own shops. In our creativity we are inspired with the Idea of making change that I want to see in the World, Eco fashion and wearable art concept.

Chintamani Alchemistry is a pure raw wear and footwear, hand made mostly in linen and cotton by families of India and Indonesia.

Love, Light, Purity of creative flow🙂
Polina Chintamani

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  • Quality is our biggest priority, but if for any reason you receive damaged item, Chintamani wilt handle all replacement or refund expenses. But we are not accepting back your left or extra stock.